When Is the Worst Time to Argue With Your Spouse?

Arguing with your spouse seems to be an inevitable element of marriage. Hopefully your arguments are civil and considerate rather than screaming matches. Kindness should always be the goal in our marriages, even when we are angry. That being said, there will still be times when we don’t see eye to eye or difficult decisions will need to be made. … Read More

Is Your Parenting Hurting Your Marriage?

For couples with children, parenting is a HUGE part of the marriage relationship. It’s difficult, it’s stressful and it’s highly emotional. You both want good things for you children but the way you get there may be completely opposite. And when it is, it can be a breeding ground for difficulties in your marriage. We could go on all day … Read More

Why Your Differences Are a Good Thing!

It’s not a super popular thing to say in today’s world – with all of our ‘political correctness’ – but it’s still a scientifically proven FACT that men and women are different. It’s not just that their biology is different, it’s been shown time and again that women and men think, process information and feel VERY differently! Unfortunately, we often … Read More

Are You Competent?

As we’ve taught many places, including the FREE online class, there are 3 Components of Trust- integrity, communication and COMPETENCE! This is something we often don’t consider when we feel frustrated in our marriage- that the bottom-line problem may just be that trust is low and it may be low for a very good reason- you aren’t competent! Does this … Read More