After 5 years of marriage, we didn’t know if we would make it much longer.  Disappointments, misunderstandings and resentments continued to mount until it felt like we could never have the marriage we had always hoped for. With two children in tow, we didn’t want to end things—and besides we still felt love for each other. Yet, living a lifetime like this felt overwhelming and completely discouraging but something had to change if we were going to remain together.

Desperate for any solutions that might help us, we did the only thing we knew how to do—we called a marriage therapist. While this step proved our commitment to each other and to our marriage, we experienced little that truly helped our relationship.

Although therapy seemed to fail us, one great positive came from it—we knew we wanted to save our marriage. So we went to work, spending thousands of hours over the next fifteen years finding books and reading them, discussing and discussing and discussing them, trying new methods for solving our problems and learning to work together.

Over the years our commitment and work paid off—we discovered the 12 principles that make marriages happy! In the meantime, Blaine went back to school, earned a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and began working with couples, making their marriages happier.

Now, after 22 years of marriage, 6 beautiful children, and a happy marriage of our own, armed with answers from every possible source, we’ve determined to share what we have learned with others and Adore Your Spouse is the result!


Blaine_Rindlisbacher007-1Since rescuing his own marriage, Blaine has become intensely passionate about what makes successful marriages work. These insights have driven him to study marital principles in the classics, complete a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy through Liberty University and finally to found Adore Your Spouse and make the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages available to others – so that they can also learn to adore their spouse!