Are You Feeling Disconnected From Your Spouse?

Want a NEW way to connect with your spouse? We’ve got one for you!

When Blaine and I were first married, we had no idea what a difference this one thing could make in our relationship. We actually just stumbled upon it. But the more we did it, the better and richer our marriage became. As we’ve shared this tip with other couples, they’ve seen amazing results as well.

As you do this, you’ll find that this grossly underused marriage tool will increase unity, create connection, improve communication and bond you more to your spouse. Unfortunately, this simple but invaluable tool is overlooked in many marriages. OR sometimes one of the marriage partners who refuses to get on board.

Don’t let laziness or indifference or misunderstanding stop you from benefiting from this incredibly effective activity. It really has the power to bless, enrich and deepen your marriage for a lifetime!


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