Are You Mad At Your Spouse or Your Job?

Are you frustrated with your job? If so, we’re so sorry, we totally know how that feels! BUT…

Even though can be really hard to do, you CANNOT let a bad job interfere with having a happy home! Your family and especially your spouse don’t deserve to be punished because people at work aren’t treating you right, you don’t make as much money as you’d like to, you hate the project you’ve been assigned or you just don’t like the kind of work you’re doing every day.

So what can you do instead?

STEP 1- Take a few minutes every day on the way home from work to unwind and get into a good place so that when you walk through the door you’re ready to have a fun evening with your family.

STEP 2- Take some time alone to assess what the core problem is that’s getting you down at work. When you’ve isolated the problem, brainstorm some solutions.

STEP 3- Set aside some quiet time to discuss your thoughts and possible solutions with your spouse.

STEP 4- Make the necessary changes to your job situation so that it is not such a drain on your or your marriage!

Believe us, we know the incredible stress a bad job can put on a marriage and we know many couples struggle in their relationships just because of problems at work! Don’t let that be you!

Fix the problems at work and you’ll be fixing your marriage too!

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