• Have serious problems in your marriage that you can’t seem to solve?
    • Feel like you have tried everything and your marriage isn’t improving?
    • Desperately want your marriage to last but you know you can’t go on with things as they are?

Couple’s Coaching Can Help!

After dozens of years of research and practice, some of the top Marriage Therapists* in the world are concluding that traditional marriage therapy is ineffective at best (some even claim that therapy is detrimental to a marriage). With success rates around 18%, you just can’t depend on marriage counseling to provide valuable, long-term solutions to your marital problems.

Here’s why- Marriage therapy focuses heavily on traditional counseling methods such as: the client-therapist relationship; active and reflective listening; a non-judgmental and non-advice giving environment. It also utilizes the same tool set as counseling which includes: emphasizing good communication; suggesting the importance of forgiveness and patience; helping couple’s talk through their problems in the hope of resolution; and long-term dependence on therapy. While these methods can be helpful to individuals, in most cases they don’t even begin to address the deepest struggles and needs of a marriage. That’s why marriage therapy almost always fails. That’s where coaching is so different. In almost every critical way, coaching approaches marriage in the opposite way of therapy.


  • Getting results, rather than just discussing their problems
  • Using detailed assessments to identify problems quickly
  • Building the husband-wife relationship, instead of the client-therapist relationship
  • Teaching couples the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages and how to apply them
  • Helping husbands and wives become independent in a short period of time
  • Giving couples the tools to repair their marital problems on their own forever

Blaine knows first-hand that therapy is failing couples because it failed him and his wife but he also knows that there is a better way. So, after healing his own marriage and consequently discovering the 12 Principles of a Happy Marriage, he has combined his life experience, his classical education, his professional training and the 12 Principles to create a COUPLE’S COACHING PROGRAM that offers the BEST CHANCE any troubled couple has of saving and healing their marriage!sign_up_button



*See The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman, Ph. D; Save the Marriage by Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D; Feeling Good Together, David D. Burns, M.D.