Marriage Coaching vs. Marriage Therapy

Traditional Marriage Therapy – a clinical approach

Throughout my Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Degree program I learned many important things, but one of the most important is that only 18% of traditional marriage therapy works. That’s a devastatingly LOW success rate! The primary reason for the failure of marriage therapy lies in the fundamental model being used. Therapists are trained in the “individual counseling model”- a model which emphasizes the therapist-client relationship above all else. While this model has many strengths and can be quite effective in many counseling situations, it is predominantly ineffective for repairing and healing marriages. It’s easy to see why – when working with couples, it is their relationship with each other, not their relationship with the therapist that must come first. That is why traditional therapy isn’t working – an entirely different approach must be used in strengthening marriages. And because my goal is to save marriages, I realized I can’t solely rely on marriage counseling to help my clients, I have to do MORE!

Over the last 10 years, as I worked to save my own marriage and studied classical works in my Bachelor’s program, I began to discover the marital principles that govern happy marriages. As I implemented these into my marriage it began to heal. Over time I discovered a total of 12 principles and because I live them I now have a very happy marriage and so does my wife!

Couple reading

My Marriage Coaching Model – an educational and innovative approach!

So, armed with the 12 Principles learned predominantly in my own study and with the training from my Master’s program, I took on my first few clients. With them I tried using the tools I was taught in my master’s program and just like so many other frustrated marriage therapists, I was largely ineffective. Even though I knew these principles were the answer, I struggled to know how to use them in helping couples. Then everything began to change when my wife and I began innovating, adding educational and application components and when I turned my counseling into dynamic and inspiring coaching sessions! Not only am I much more excited to work with couples but most importantly, they are receiving the help they need. With the much more wholistic model of coaching, combined with classes and application activities, the couples who engage in the Adore Your Spouse programs experience new hope and excitement in their marriages!

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