Class Taught by: Blaine Rindlisbacher, Marriage and Family Therapist and his wife Audrey


This class is PERFECT for frustrated married couples who are sick of ARGUING… tired of power struggles… and desperately want to have greater peace and happiness in their marriage!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.04.30 PMWhen Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher realized that marriage therapy was not going to save their marriage, they went on a quest to find the answers themselves. Having discovered the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages and used them to save and heal their own struggling marriage, they now want to make that information available to you! In a world that not only discounts the importance of marriage, but doesn’t understand what creates a happy one, Blaine and Audrey have the ANSWERS you need.

Here are just a few of their qualifications:

  • Founders of Adore Your Spouse—the only PRINCIPLE-BASED marriage solutions company.
  • Blaine has a Marriage and Family Therapy Degree from Liberty University.
  • Both Blaine and Audrey have liberal arts bachelor’s degrees.
  • They are the proud parents of six children. Married for 15 frustrating years, and 8 happy years for a total of 23 years.
  • Blaine is the “go-to marriage expert” online who knows HOW to help you have a happy marriage.


When is it? Select from several dates and times to fit your busy schedule.

Where is it? The class is online, so you can watch it from anywhere. Login details will be emailed to you after you register.

How long is it? 1 hour presentation followed by 20-30 minutes of answering your questions!

How much is it? It’s FREE. Our mission is to help couples gain the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to have a happy marriage.

Who is this online class for? This class covers information that is valuable to any husband or wife who is dissatisfied with the current state of their marriage and wants to improve things. Whether your marriage is in serious trouble or that you just want to increase trust or unity, we promise this class will help!

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We have taken the very best and most effective tools we’ve learned for improving marriages and put them into this 1 hour class! You can look forward to learning the following and more:

  • The 3 Steps to a happy marriage, what they are and how they work.
  • An introduction to the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages and why they make all the difference.
  • Insights into what love in marriage really is, why you may not always feel the love for your spouse that you want to feel and the secret ingredient for keeping love alive.
  • The 3 pitfalls that can erode trust in your marriage, how to avoid them and begin rebuilding trust today.
  • Key insights for better understanding your spouse and why they do what they do.
  • Crucial tools  that will stop the blaming and increase respect and adoration.
  • Fool proof tricks for removing obstacles and enabling you to make difficult decisions together.
  • Questions and answers with other couples with your same struggles.
  • Overview of our Comprehensive Online Course.



We can’t express how excited we are to share this amazing information with you and answer your marital questions. But we want to give you something else. As our personal thank you for attending the webinar, you will get:

Our “How to Jumpstart Your Marriage” downloadable mini workbook designed to give your marriage a fabulous jolt. With the 3 simple activities contained in this workbook, that you can do with your spouse or on your own, you can make great strides in your marriage RIGHT NOW!


  1. Because you don’t want another day to go by in a less-than-happy marriage.
  2. Because your struggles so far are probably a result of your ignorance of the principles and how to live them – this class will change all that!
  3. Because you know that change is a choice and you can CHOOSE a happier marriage by the getting the answers you need.
  4. Because you know that you and your spouse DESERVE to be happy!

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