Give Your Spouse a Break!

Ok, we all have faults – even your spouse. And when you’re married to someone their really small faults can become really big issues. You didn’t mind that they were a bit messy when you were dating, you even thought it was kind of cute. But NOW! Oh boy, if you see one more sock on the bedroom floor you’re going to go through the roof!

We get it! It’s totally natural to feel that way. But is it fair? Consider a few things about this flaw in your spouse that’s driving you crazy:

  1. There’s a good chance you knew about this problem before you got married and you went through with it  anyway.
  2. This weakness is probably doing very little if any damage.
  3. You have little faults of your own that you don’t think are a big deal.
  4. You give yourself a break all the time when you succumb to a flaw.

So maybe it’s time to give your spouse a break too! Think about what it would do for your relationship if you just let it go. What kind of relief would your spouse feel? How much easier would it be for you to see and praise the good in them? A LOT!

Take this challenge to focus on the good and let go of the bad this week and see what wonderful things happen!


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