How are your memories affecting your marriage?

Medicalxpress reports, “The work by psychologists at the University of St Andrews shows that the human memory can be remarkably fragile and even inventive when it comes to remembering past events, often completely rewriting ‘autobiographical belief.'”


We not only remember things inaccurately, we sometimes rewrite our past experiences in our mind and distort the facts. Why do we do this? Sometimes we just can’t remember the details, sometimes we want things to be a certain way because it benefits us somehow, or sometimes we need the past to match the current story we are telling ourselves.

What does that mean to our marriages? It means that when we think about the past, often we tell ourselves a story that isn’t completely true – especially if things are currently painful in the relationship. I’ve not only seen this done – husbands who, wanting out of the marriage tell themselves they were ‘pressured’ into the marriage and they never really loved their wife. Or wives who take a small bad behavior in their husband and magnify it 100 times and purposely spend time thinking up all the times he’s done this thing.

And what’s the result? Erosion of the marriage.

In this video we look at the super easy and often over-looked marriage tool of telling ourselves the truth about the past in our relationship and experiencing the incredible healing that comes.

Want more help with the memories in your marriage? Check out this AWESOME VIDEO!

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