If you want better health, what do you do? You know the drill – exercise, eat nutritious foods, drink lots of water. Same with finances. The experts always teach the same things– save 10%, pay off debts, invest your money.

But what about MARRIAGE?

How do you get a better one? Would you believe it works exactly the same way? Just as optimal health is created through similar activities, and wealth is earned through utilizing similar tools, happy marriages are built on similar practices – we call these PRINCIPLES!

Stephen-Covey-Call-OutThe GREAT NEWS is that just as financial and health professionals have taught all of us to how enjoy good health and strong finances through living true principles (like eating nutritious foods or saving 10%), we’ve discovered that there are also marital principles that create happy marriages!


Through more than 15 years of study and practice, we have discovered The 12 Principles of Happy Marriages and watched them transform our marriage and the live of many other couples! They truly empower every couple to have a fulfilling marriage. And just as the principles of health or finance always produce results, these 12 principles always work. That’s why WE KNOW you can have a happy marriage – because all you have to do is LEARN the principles and LIVE them!

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