How to Quickly Rebuild Trust with Your Spouse!

Trust is the foundation of any relationship – especially marriage! Honestly, if you don’t have trust, your marriage is in serious trouble. Why is that? Because trust is a basic human need. We are social beings that must rely on each other in certain specific and critical ways so when trust is low, it’s hard to get anything done. 

But, it’s also true, that we often trust our spouse in certain areas and not in others. Maybe you trust your spouse to be faithful to you but not to fulfill their responsibilities around the house. Or perhaps financial trust is high in your marriage but parenting trust is low. Well, if you are already struggling with trust in an area of your marriage, guess what you can do to make things a lot worse really quickly? YOU CAN GOSSIP about the problem!

Believe us, there’s almost nothing else you could do that will more quickly erode what trust still exists than telling other people about the problem without your spouse’s permission. Any chance there was to reconcile and rebuild trust is thrown out the window when one of you blabs about it to your friends.

So if this is a problem in your marriage, take this opportunity to STOP FOREVER! There’s NO reason for you to dishonor your spouse and their privacy by letting other people know their weaknesses and mistakes. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help your friend, it doesn’t help your spouse and it definitely doesn’t help your marriage! If this is a struggle for you ask yourself why you do it and you’ll probably find that you’re gossiping about your spouse for all the wrong reasons.

From now on KEEP PRIVATE THINGS PRIVATE! And we are confident you will find that not only does your spouse trust you more, confide in you more and love you more, but you will also feel better about yourself! 🙂


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