Class Taught by: Blaine Rindlisbacher, MFTi and his wife Audrey


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        The Secret to why you argue and the 3 Guaranteed Tips for how to stop                                Course Offered by:    

        The Indispensable Element of EVERY happy marriageAdore-Logo-600 

        How to avoid the 3 Pitfalls that can erode trust

        5 Crucial Tools for fixing any problem in your marriage

        Fool Proof Tricks for making difficult decisions together

And much more…

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.04.30 PMBlaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher are so ecstatic to present to you the tools and skills that saved their marriage and made it a truly happy one! Blaine has a Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Liberty University, is the founder of Adore Your Spouse, creator of the 12 Principles of a happy marriage and author of the “3 Steps to a Happy Marriage” class. Audrey is currently completing a master’s degree in education. Blaine and Audrey are the proud parents of 6 children!