Are you…

  • Tired of feeling frustrated with your marriage?
  • Ready to have the passion back that you once felt for each other?
  • Longing for a marriage that fulfills and uplifts you?

Introducing our Marriage Success Groups!

With an innovative fusion of traditional therapeutic methods and cutting edge coaching strategies coupled with our strategic use of The 12 Principles of Happy Marriages we infuse your marriage with truth and empower you to create the marriage you really want!

How the Groups Work

*These groups are run by Blaine Rindlisbacher, Marriage and Family Therapist

Tools and techniques used in the group:

  1. Discussion and application of The 12 Principles of Happy Marriages
  2. Training and role-playing in the 4 Trigger
  3. Dialectical Behavior Therapy elements
  4. Journaling  
  5. Self-assessment 
  6. Sponsorship through the Steps
  7. Solution-focused Brief Therapy elements
  8. Adlerian Therapy elements
  9. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy elements

Benefits of the group environment:

  1. Support of your peers
  2. Insights from others
  3. Participation in others’ growth
  4. Group accountability

When, Where and How:

  • Groups meet ONLINE via video classroom
  • You can join the group anytime
  • You can attend with your spouse or on your own
  • You make a minimum of a three month commitment to the Group (and to your marriage!)
  • Your first group meeting is FREE!
  • Cost is $200 per month to attend one group per week, 4 per month- Multiple group times are available to fit your schedule
  • Arrangements can be made to attend more groups per week if necessary, for an additional cost
  • Groups begin February 2018

Your first visit to a Marriage Success Group is on us so make sure to CONTACT US TODAY to learn the when our Marriage Success Groups are meeting!


What couples are saying!

Brandi Strong

“I can’t believe how I feel! My husband has been transformed! I have the man back that I married! Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe how your coaching has changed my life!” ~Brandi Strong

Clorissa Bascom

 “I can honestly say our marriage has been 3x better since we started!” ~Clorrisa Bascom


Elwood and Wendy Porter

“We didn’t know if coaching would be worth it but we can honestly say that this is some of the best money we’ve ever spent!” ~Elwood & Wendy Porter

Kim Miner

“This is unlike any marriage program out there, it can help almost any issue that a couple might be facing. The foundation of principles, the use of readings and practical activities makes it interesting, applicable and life changing.” ~Kim Miner, CSW

Ryan Armstrong

“I have found that the principles of a happy marriage get easier and easier to live as time goes by, and that mastering them will transform your marriage beyond what you thought possible!” ~Ryan Armstrong

Tomena Reed

“I want an amazing marriage! But I’ve realized that so often we don’t understand what we must know in order to make our marriages last – like boundaries, our needs, our spouse’s needs or how to meet them. If you want an amazing marriage start by gaining the tools you need to make it happen – it can change your life!” ~Tomena Reed