One Simple Thing You Can Do TODAY to Nourish Your Marriage

Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse? Does it feel like you spend too much time disagreeing and not enough time being close?

Well, we did too. Until we gained a better understanding of this one simple skill, we would often unwittingly distance ourselves from each other when we really wanted to connect. Through self-pity or frustration or comparison, we made each other feel like we didn’t really think of them or care for them–but the irony is that we did! Deep down inside, we both wanted to never argue again; to find ways to know one another better; to solve problems peacefully when they arose.

This one tool was probably the BIGGEST factor in moving us toward each other. Once we truly saw the value of this principle and employed it more often, we saw a major shift in how we interacted. Both of us were more relaxed, more comfortable with each other, felt more understand and more loved!

The best part is, this is something you can do today, right now, to extend greater love to your spouse and draw them closer to you! We promise, it will make a HUGE difference. 

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