Welcome to our FREE Online Workshop Series!


We are seeing such phenomenal results with couples who are learning and living The 12 Principles of Happy Marriages, we decided to take things a step further and get the word out to even more couples through a FREE Online Workshop Series!

Once a month, we will get on a live video call with whoever would like to join us and go into detail on the issues and struggles couples are having and how the 12 Principles can resolve those problems forever.

Our workshops include:

  1. A presentation by Blaine or Audrey or both on elements of the 12 Principles
  2. Interactive activities such as:
    1. Role playing
    2. Short video or reading discussion
    3. Scenario mentoring
    4. Journaling
    5. Wisemind
    6. Q&A
  3. A challenge or action couples can take the following month to apply what they’ve learned

Check out some of our upcoming workshops and make sure to JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST for reminders, links and a recording of the workshop following the live event!

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January 2018: “Understanding and Overcoming ANY Addiction”

Tuesday, January 30th at 7pm MST/ 6pm PST, Presented by Blaine Rindlisbacher

In this presentation, Blaine will share insights from his lifelong struggle with pornography and the steps he took to become permanently sober. He will discuss the experiences of the addicts he has coached as they worked through the steps. He will walk you through the causes of addiction and why our society is becoming increasingly addicted, explain in detail the 4 triggers that make or break long term sobriety and what to do about them, and leave you with practical advice and tools for dealing with addiction in your marriage and life.



February 2018: “3 Critical Things Men Need that ONLY Their Wives Can Give Them” 

Tuesday, February 27th at 7pm MST/ 6pm PST, Presented by Blaine Rindlisbacher

Are you frustrated that your husband won’t engage and take a more active role in your marriage and your family? Do you wish your husband would be more like he was when you were dating? Join Blaine as he shares valuable information on why husbands often seem disconnected and what is really happening in their hearts and minds. What you’ll discover in this workshop is that the problem just might be that he’s not getting what he needs from you – and neither of you even realize it! Join Blaine as he shares 3 actions you can take today to have an immediate impact on your husband and your marriage. As you do, he will begin to feel cared for and know how important he is to you. When he does, trust us, he will not only begin to engage, but he will bend over backwards to make you happy!


March 2018: “FOR WOMEN: The 3 Things We Do To Destroy Our Relationships and What We Should Do Instead”

Tuesday, March 27th at 7pm MST/ 6pm PST, Presented by Audrey Rindlisbacher

Join Audrey for a fun, insightful evening peering closely into the relationships women have their husbands, children and even their friends! In this workshop we will go over 3 specific behaviors, common to women, which we are often doing by default without realizing the destructive effect these behaviors are having on our relationships. Once aware, we can stop these behaviors and begin to gain the skills for managing our frustrations in better ways. Enlightening and perhaps a little bit painful, this workshop will empower you to take your relationships to a whole new level!