Are You Mad At Your Spouse or Your Job?

Are you frustrated with your job? If so, we’re so sorry, we totally know how that feels! BUT… Even though can be really hard to do, you CANNOT let a bad job interfere with having a happy home! Your family and especially your spouse don’t deserve to be punished because people at work aren’t treating you right, you don’t make … Read More

How to Make Your Wife Feel Like a MILLION Bucks!

Husbands, this ones for you! We know you don’t feel the same kind of pain your wife feels. We know you’re more easily satisfied in the marriage. We know you don’t expect as much as she expects. We know you often can’t figure out what the big deal is. But TRUST US! There’s a very high likelihood that your wife, … Read More

Is Your Spouse Your Best Friend?

If your spouse isn’t your best friend- they should be! Not only is it nice to enjoy their company and do things together, it’s critical that you do! Think about the importance of your friendship with each other: if you don’t like to do the things your spouse likes to do and you refuse to do those things with them, … Read More

What if Your Spouse Won’t Work on Your Marriage?

Marriage is such a complicated relationship because when things aren’t going well it’s so easy to blame the other person, especially when it feels like you’ve been trying really hard and your spouse won’t try. That’s incredibly frustrating! But usually, this is just your perspective. You believe that you’re the only one that cares and the only one that’s willing … Read More