Is Your Spouse Your Best Friend?

If your spouse isn’t your best friend- they should be! Not only is it nice to enjoy their company and do things together, it’s critical that you do! Think about the importance of your friendship with each other: if you don’t like to do the things your spouse likes to do and you refuse to do those things with them, … Read More

What if Your Spouse Won’t Work on Your Marriage?

Marriage is such a complicated relationship because when things aren’t going well it’s so easy to blame the other person, especially when it feels like you’ve been trying really hard and your spouse won’t try. That’s incredibly frustrating! But usually, this is just your perspective. You believe that you’re the only one that cares and the only one that’s willing … Read More

You Could Be Hurting Your Marriage Right Now!

Did you realize that you could be hurting your marriage right now? Guess how? Through your complaints. Complaining is a habit we all seem to have but it’s so unconstructive. It doesn’t help us, it doesn’t help our spouse, it doesn’t help our marriage. That’s because complaining doesn’t solve problems, it just keeps reminding us of them. And when we … Read More

How to Quickly Rebuild Trust with Your Spouse!

Trust is the foundation of any relationship – especially marriage! Honestly, if you don’t have trust, your marriage is in serious trouble. Why is that? Because trust is a basic human need. We are social beings that must rely on each other in certain specific and critical ways so when trust is low, it’s hard to get anything done.  But, … Read More