Do You Back-Up Your Spouse?

Remember when you were a kid and you really wanted to do something that your parents might not approve? So you would think about the best way to describe it in order to make it sound better than it really was. Then you’d consider which parent to approach – meaning which parent was more lenient and more likely to give … Read More

Does Dating Your Spouse Really Matter?

It’s so easy to take this advice lightly. It just doesn’t seem like it matters very much whether or not we go on dates with our spouse. After all, we hug and kiss and see each other all the time, so why do we need to go on a date? Well, this video answers that question! Dating is so much … Read More

Are Your In-Laws OUTLAWS?

As if marriage wasn’t hard enough, often it feels like extended family just makes it harder! They keep butting in to your personal business, expecting things of you that you don’t want to do and getting upset at you when you didn’t mean any harm. Believe us when we say that WE GET IT! Just look at this list of … Read More

Give Your Spouse a Break!

Ok, we all have faults – even your spouse. And when you’re married to someone their really small faults can become really big issues. You didn’t mind that they were a bit messy when you were dating, you even thought it was kind of cute. But NOW! Oh boy, if you see one more sock on the bedroom floor you’re … Read More