Are You Feeling Disconnected From Your Spouse?

Want a NEW way to connect with your spouse? We’ve got one for you! When Blaine and I were first married, we had no idea what a difference this one thing could make in our relationship. We actually just stumbled upon it. But the more we did it, the better and richer our marriage became. As we’ve shared this tip … Read More

What do 50% of Divorcees Wish They’d Done Different?

It’s so tempting to believe that things will be better on the other side of divorce. Often you’ve been dealing with the same problems for years and years, sometimes decades and it just feels like they’ll never go away. You’ve tried everything, nothing has worked and you’re out of ideas. So what do you do instead? Do you give up … Read More

Don’t Make the Problem WORSE!

Oh man, as if life wasn’t hard enough, so often we make it much harder than it needs to be. We are presented with a simple situation, we jump to conclusions, we assume the worst in the other person, we communicate poorly, we blame and shame until we have taken a very small problem and blown it up into a … Read More

One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Marriage Happier!

So often couples want their marriage to be better but they don’t have any idea where to start. And while it is possible that as a couple you are currently breaking several of the principles, and while this causes damage to your relationship, there are small things you can do that will move things in a better direction. Like we … Read More