Are You Tired of Hearing Your Spouse Nag?

Nagging can take quite a toll on a marriage. Often it gets to the point where you’re so tired of hearing it you just turn off completely – which does even more damage to the relationship. So then you’re in this vicious cycle of nagging, arguing and ignoring. So what do you do? In our marriage, nagging has definitely been … Read More

Little Things Make a Big Difference

Sometimes we create the biggest change through the smallest act. Think of the times when a friend’s smile brightened your day or when someone paused a moment to hold the door open for you or when a family member dropped by just to talk. So often we think of fixing our marriages as such an overwhelming task but, as you’ll … Read More

One Simple Thing You Can Do TODAY to Nourish Your Marriage

Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse? Does it feel like you spend too much time disagreeing and not enough time being close? Well, we did too. Until we gained a better understanding of this one simple skill, we would often unwittingly distance ourselves from each other when we really wanted to connect. Through self-pity or frustration or comparison, we … Read More

Best Kept SECRET to Greater Passion in Your Marriage

Passion. Desire. Aren’t they emotions we all long to feel? And in marriage, to be desired and to desire your spouse does so much to nurture your marriage. But how do you turn that passion on? Is it something you can control? Can you make your spouse want you? Well, actually YES you can! But that’s not what we are … Read More