Best Kept SECRET to Greater Passion in Your Marriage

Passion. Desire. Aren’t they emotions we all long to feel? And in marriage, to be desired and to desire your spouse does so much to nurture your marriage.

But how do you turn that passion on? Is it something you can control? Can you make your spouse want you?

Well, actually YES you can!

But that’s not what we are told. In today’s world, what we usually hear about passion and desire is that they just happen, that we can’t control them and that they are created through looking and being sexy–nothing could be further from the truth. In our research for the 3 Steps to a Happy Marriage course, we ran across the SECRET to passion in the marital relationship. By understanding the #1 cause of passion and desire, you can take action RIGHT NOW to increase your spouse’s desire for you. And you know what’s fascinating? It’s really not what you would think.It’s amazingly simple!

And the best part is that YOU are in control! 

Check out this short video to learn this SECRET to passion in your marriage and how you can have more TODAY!

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