Should You Spend Time With the Opposite Sex?

Let’s be honest, just because you got married doesn’t mean you’re no longer attracted to anyone else! And since so many women have entered the workforce – men now spend time with women at work and vice versa. Sometimes, in fact, if you’re on a project with a co-worker, you may spend more time with them than you do your spouse.

This, of course, can eventually lead to infidelity when the marriage is already on shaky ground. And really, no one wants that. We married our spouse because we loved them and WANTED THEM! So, let’s not make our time with the opposite sex be something that can do potential harm to the most important relationship in our lives.

How do we avoid not just an affair but jealousies, arguments and frustrations over opposite sex friends and co-workers? Watch this video to find out! Here we make a few suggestions about how to manage this difficulty we all face in today’s world. And if you’ll take our advice- you’ll discover that you can figure this out TOGETHER!


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