We are watching the revolutionary power of the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages to heal even the unhappiest marriages. We want to share this GREAT NEWS with as many couples as possible! That’s why we LOVE to teach and train couples on how to utilize the 12 Principles in their marriages through SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS to:

  • Church Groups
  • Educational Co-ops
  • Family Gatherings
  • Business Luncheons
  • Neighborhood Cottage Meetings
  • Associations
  • Seminars
  • Conventions

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Recent and Upcoming Speeches & Interviews:

Addiction has become one of our favorite principles to discuss because we learned so much through all the pain we experienced! There is so much addiction in today’s world but it doesn’t have to be that way. If individuals and couples would learn about the 12 Steps and have the courage to engage in addiction recovery the correct way, they could enjoy the freedom Blaine now feels! Listen to this insightful interview with Rebecca Bohman at The Luminous Mind Podcast to discover all the tools you need to begin your journey to recovery. And make sure to check out all of Rebecca’s 200+ illuminating podcasts at: theluminousmind.net.

Audrey had a fun interview today with Karmel Larsen talking all about marriage and addiction! After you watch the our discussion, make sure and check out all the cool stuff she’s working on including her newest project called MOMNI- a “Caresharing” app for moms! Karmel is an awesome woman with some impressive credentials including Mrs. Utah and founder of several businesses and organizations. Find her here: mamakarmel.com

We loved being interviewed by Jodi Chaffee! We discussed the 12 Principles, how they’re impacting marriages and how to begin healing your own marriage!

Jodi is an LDS homeschooling mom of 4 adorable kids who releases inspiring podcasts each week on topics meant to enrich family and home life. Check out her other podcasts at homeandfamilyculture.com.