Want to Virtually GUARANTEE Yourself a HAPPY MARRIAGE?

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Let Group Coaching transform your marriage!

Group Coaching is THE ANSWER!

WHY? Because Group Coaching provides the environment, the support, the accountability, the insights, the guidance and most of all the MOTIVATION to learn and live the principles of happy marriages.

So often we have good intentions – we buy the exercise equipment or sign up sign up for classfor the class but we just never seem to find the time to GET IT DONE!



When you make the commitment to Group Coaching you are no longer alone in your journey toward a happier marriage. You now have a coach, other couples like you, a Facebook group, live classes, group discussion, email access and ALL of the SUPPORT you need to be hugely successful!

get answersNot only will you go through the steps and principles at a steady, do-able pace but you’ll have every question answered along the way.

Reignite the romance!

Not only will you read incredible material and watch inspiring videos but you’ll always have others to discuss your insights with.

couple having funNot only will you have the opportunity to engage in FUN activities and exercises but you’ll be able to share all your epiphanies with others who are doing the same things and having the same transforming experience.

Get the happy marriage you want now

Get the happy marriage you want now

We are there for YOU every step of the way!! You and your marriage will get happier                GUARANTEED!

About Group Coaching

HOW our Group Coaching Works:
  • Couples complete the 3 Steps to a Happy Marriage class in a group setting
  • All group coaching is done online via webinar format
  • Groups meet for a two hour live session twice a month
  • Groups are offered at several times of the day and week to accommodate any schedule
  • Once registered, couples choose from several time options when they would like to meet
  • All sessions are recorded and made available to couples in their Adore Your Spouse account
  • Group coaching taught and facilitated by Blaine Rindlisbacher, MFTi with Audrey Rindlisbacher


WHAT our Group Coaching Includes: 
  1. 2- Two hour LIVE GROUP SESSIONS every month
  2. On-going EMAIL ACCESS to a coach with a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Degree
  3. COACHING by a couple who saved their own marriage through the true marriage principles
  4. 22 professionally recorded VIDEO LESSONS teaching you the principles and how to live them
  5. INSIGHTS and stories of other individuals and couples who are working on their own marriages
  6. RECORDINGS of all group coaching sessions
  7. Downloadable WORKSHEETS for each session which provide:
    • Thought and Discussion Questions for the lessons
    • Writing Opportunities on the concepts
    • Valuable quotes from marriage and relationship experts
    • Definitions and explanations of the principle of focus
    • Recommended readings on the principle
    • Fun exercises and activities which help you live what you’re learning
    • Enrichment activities, additional readings, media suggestions and more

Group Coaching COMING SOON! Join our EMAIL LIST  to stay informed!