When Is the Worst Time to Argue With Your Spouse?

Arguing with your spouse seems to be an inevitable element of marriage. Hopefully your arguments are civil and considerate rather than screaming matches. Kindness should always be the goal in our marriages, even when we are angry.

That being said, there will still be times when we don’t see eye to eye or difficult decisions will need to be made. There are many key tools and strategies to handling these trying times in marriage so that your difficulties can be worked out in a way that makes your relationship stronger.

Through our online course and coaching program, we work through many of these communication skills but for today’s post we want to tackle an important element of argument – WHEN you argue.

We make the case that there are many arguments in marriage that are avoidable NOT through the use of tactics and skill sets but simply by timing them right. There are definitely times not to discuss important issues and when you honor that, you’ll find you just don’t fight as much as you used to.

Take our word for it – we’ve been there, in the argument that didn’t need to happen, at the wrong time and realizing later how avoidable it all was! We were doing damage to our marriage for no good reason. Don’t do that to your spouse – marriage is hard enough!

Set aside time and discuss your problems at the RIGHT time and you’ll find it’s SO much easier to work things out in loving ways!

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