Wherever you focus your energy, that is what will grow.

Blaine and I have read soooo many “Power of Positive Thinking” books! We are almost sick of all the hype about affirmations and vision boards and optimism and how they’re the keys to success. I mean, honestly, how many of us can pump that kind of energy into being happy and positive about our marriages all day long?

BUT we’ve realized that we actually DO exercise a form of energy in our marriages all the time and it goes kind of like this:

We THINK about the good or bad things in our spouse, our marriage and our lives. This means that we FOCUS on positive or negative things. And unfortunately, too often we are caught up the negative.

We get it. We’re guilty of it too. And we realize it’s we have a problem when we start recognizing that our FEELINGS toward each other are becoming pretty negative- resentful, angry, disappointed, frustrated, unattracted.

What’s the answer? In this video we show you HOW to focus positive energy on your marriage every day to get you closer to the marriage you really want!

For even more help on how to focus your positive energy to create a happier marriage, check out this SHORT VIDEO!

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