You Could Be Hurting Your Marriage Right Now!

Did you realize that you could be hurting your marriage right now? Guess how? Through your complaints.

Complaining is a habit we all seem to have but it’s so unconstructive. It doesn’t help us, it doesn’t help our spouse, it doesn’t help our marriage. That’s because complaining doesn’t solve problems, it just keeps reminding us of them. And when we spend all our time focused on the problem rather than the solution, nothing gets better and we just feel worse.

And you know what else? Your spouse is tiring of hearing it. They already know what the problems are and they already know that you don’t like them. And if it’s a problem you want them to solve, complaining more won’t inspire them to do it, it will just make them more frustrated.

Instead of complaining, focus on solutions! There are all kinds of things you can do to fix things and make the problem go away permanently.

Do yourself and your spouse a favor – stop the complaints FOREVER!

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