Having a happy marriage shouldn’t seem like an
UNSOLVABLE mystery...

When it comes to your marriage you don’t just want to get by...

  • You want to know how to reignite the passion you felt when you were married...without spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in marriage therapy.
  • You want to re-discover the closeness and connection you used to have...instead of wondering if things will ever get better.
  • You’ve tried talking with friends and family; you’ve tried reading self-help books; you’ve tried searching on the internet, but...

Nothing seems to work

HERE’S THE GREAT NEWS: Happy marriages ARE attainable and
it’s probably easier than you think.

What if there were timeless marriage principles that could heal your relationship permanently that you could learn them from a Marriage and Family Therapist who turned his own failing marriage into a happy one?
What if you didn’t need your spouse’s involvement to learn how to improve your marriage but you also didn’t have to do it alone?
What if you had the power, right now, to create the marriage you’ve always wanted and you could do without ever leaving your home?

in your marriage were still ahead?

Testimony 1

After 5 years of marriage, we didn’t know how we would make it much longer. Disappointments, misunderstandings and resentments continued to mount until it felt that we could never have what we once hoped for. With two children in tow, we didn’t want to end things—and besides we still felt love for each other. Living a lifetime like this felt overwhelming and completely discouraging but something had to change if we were going to remain together.

Of course we did the only thing we knew how to do—we called a marriage therapist. While this step proved our commitment to each other and to our marriage, we experienced little that truly helped our relationship.

Although therapy seemed to fail us, one great positive came from it—we knew we wanted to save our marriage. So we went to work, spending thousands of hours over the next decade finding books and reading and discussing them, trying new methods for solving our problems and learning to work together.

Over the years our commitment and work paid off—we discovered the 12 principles that make marriages happy! In the meantime, Blaine went back to school, earned a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and began working with couples, making their marriages happier.

Now, 15 years later with a happy marriage of our own, armed with answers from every possible source, we’ve determined to share what we have learned with others and this program is the result!

Like us, once you’ve learned the steps to a happy marriage,
you’ll be empowered to:

  • Uncover the source of your troubles and move past them
  • Solve your marital problems on your own FOREVER
  • See yourself and your spouse in new and exciting ways
  • Love each other as never before
  • Discover strengths in your marriage you never realized were there
  • Set goals and dream together again
But you might be asking.. Can It really be done?

Four Crippling Myths That Are Keeping Marriages Unhappy

There’s no such thing as a really happy marriage

TRUTH: In today’s culture, many of us watched our parents struggle in unhappy marriages or even end their relationships in divorce. This taught us that not only is marriage very difficult, but being happy in marriage is essentially impossible. This is not true! Marriage is like all other areas of human life—there are principles that govern it. Just like with your health or finances, if you’re ignorant of the principles or refuse to honor them in any area of your life, you wind up unhappy and unsuccessful.

BUT the great news is that you can take the opposite path—you can learn and live the principles and enjoy the benefits. Just like you can improve your finances or you can improve your health – you can also improve your marriage. All you need is willingness and some work, we have provided everything else you need to have a happy marriage

Marriage therapy is the only answer
to fixing a broken marriage.

TRUTH: Unfortunately, marriage therapy suffers from a very low success rate- 18% or lower in most cases. In fact, many leading experts are now openly denouncing marriage therapy as unprofitable for the majority of couples:

  • John Gottman, Ph.D., author of the New York Times Bestselling Book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work explained the results of a Consumer Reports study questioning clients on their experience with all kinds of psychotherapists, “Most got very high customer satisfaction marks—except for marital therapists, who got very poor ratings. This survey…confirms what most professionals in this field know: In the long run, current approaches to marital therapy do not benefit the majority of couples.”
  • “Every year [Dr. Baucom, top marriage researcher in the world] comes to the same startling conclusion: there is no truly effective form of marital therapy in the world at this time.” from Feeling Good Together by David D. Burns, M.D.

You or someone you know may have tried marriage therapy in the past and experienced few permanent improvements. This is because the traditional counseling model, which all therapists are trained in, tends to be helpful in individual therapy but is a model that is ineffective in helping marriages heal.

That is why we’ve created this online course and support program! It uses the newest and most innovative approaches to helping you create a happier marriage!

Both partners have to work on the marriage
in order to improve it.

TRUTH: Luckily this is not true! You have far more power than you think you do to influence your marriage for the better. Chances are, if you’ve tried working on your marriage in the past, you didn’t understand the principles or how to apply them properly in your circumstances. Up to now, your failure to have the marriage you hope for has been largely out of ignorance.

All of that is about to change. Through the information taught in our video lessons, and through the readings and activities provided with each lesson, you will no longer have to grope in the dark about what you need to do next. You will not only know what to do to positively impact your marriage, you will see that through the changes that you make, your marriage will become happier and happier, even if your spouse isn’t on board, yet.

Once you fall out of love there’s
no hope for the marriage.

TRUTH: As we will discuss in great depth in the course, nothing could be further from the truth. Love is an action and a feeling and when the feeling begins to fade, the actions can bring it back. Many stories and examples throughout the course will help prove to you that this is a primary reason why you make a lot of headway in your marriage without your spouse—you can learn which loving actions to take and do them! As you act in loving ways, both you and your spouse will experience a great increase of the feeling of love for each other. Throughout this program you will continually be learning about what it means to love yourself and your spouse and how to begin today!

I LOVE the fact that you both of walked this path before us all - that you can TRULY relate and understand our feelings and struggles! I don't know how many other marriage counselors/coaches can say that. Knowing that you are understood by the people that are trying to help you and heal your marriage makes a HUGE difference!

So, are you ready to have the marriage you long for?

More importantly…are you ready to stop feeling stuck and find new hope as you learn and implement our COMPLETE step by step marriage program that saved our relationship and brings us more joy and fulfillment every day?

This is a program that will breathe new life into your marriage even if:

  • You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.
  • You can’t get your spouse to take working on your marriage seriously.
  • You’ve worried that it’s too late and the marriage can’t be saved.
  • You believe you’re too different and you may never be able to be happy together.

That's why we're proud to introduce...

3 Steps Course

A Comprehensive Online MARRIAGE PROGRAM!

Here we offer you the best of best from the most prominent thinkers and practitioners on marriage.

  • Here we teach you the 12 principles and show you how they work together to form 3 simple steps to a happy marriage.
  • Here we share our failures and successes, insights from Blaine’s therapy work and the experiences of other couples just like you all in an easy-to-use format.
  • Here we give you on-going support through a private online community so that you have a constant source of inspiration and insight.
  • Here we ensure that you never get stuck by making ourselves available online and via email for any questions or concerns you may have through your journey toward a happier marriage.

First, you’ll begin by learning the 12 Principles of Happy Marriages in 20 incredibly inspiring Video Lessons organized into these 5 comprehensive units:

  • Lesson 1: THE Key Ingredient
    What is the key ingredient to a happy marriage or to success in any area of life? Principles of course! This lesson provides a basic explanation of the concept of principles, introduces you to the 12 marriage principles this course is built around and shows you the amazing results of living in harmony with true principles.
  • Lesson 2: 3 Steps Course Overview
    This lesson gives you a sneak peek at all you’ll learn throughout this course. You will gain a basic understanding of the 3 steps of Love, Trust and Unity and how they work together to create happy marriages.
  • Lesson 3: The Secret to Making It Work
    What is the secret to making this course work for you- virtually guaranteeing you a happy marriage? When this secret is revealed, everything else will fall into place and you’ll discover that while it may still be difficult at times, your marriage will truly be revolutionized!
  • Lesson 1: What’s Really Going On
    Do you struggle to adore your spouse? Do you find yourself longing to feel lovingly and passionately about them and just can’t seem to generate the emotions? This lessons will show you 3 simple steps you can take to change all that forever!
  • Lesson 2: Get Back in the Driver’s Seat
    Have you begun to feel helpless in your marriage? Have you wondered how you can get yourself back in the driver’s seat and feel like you have some control and direction? This one simple principle will give you the know-how to take hold of the wheel and begin moving forward in your marriage.
  • Lesson 3: How to Love Yourself
    What does loving yourself really mean? Why is it fundamental to a happy marriage? And how do you do it? This lesson holds the answer to begin loving yourself and letting that love build a happier marriage.
  • Lesson 4: How to Build Confidence Quickly
    Do you want the magic pill for feeling better about yourself immediately? Would you like to know what makes some people seem to have all the luck while others limp through life? This lesson has the simple yet profound answer. If you understand and live what you’re taught here, your life will never be the same!
  • Lesson 5: The #1 Marriage Killer
    What is it that kills more marriages than all other obstacles combined? Why is this danger present in almost every marriage? And what can you do to rid your marriage of it permanently? This lessons answers these questions and gives you the tools to protect your marriage permanently.
  • Lesson 6: How You’re Trapping Yourself
    Do you know that you are trapped in a cycle which is keeping you stuck and unhappy? Don’t feel too badly though, most of us are caught in the same trap. And what you don’t realize is that this vicious cycle is eroding not only your personal peace of mind, but your marital bliss as well. Through this lesson you’ll come to understand how this cycle works, how it’s trapping you and how to get out permanently!
  • Lesson 1: Your Spouse Is Not the Enemy
    While on some level, we all know this to be true, it can sometimes seem virtually impossible not to demonize them and treat them like our enemy. What are the paradigms that help us to keep the right perspective about our spouse; even when we feel that they are behaving like the enemy?
  • Lesson 2: Why Marriage Is So Rewarding
    What makes marriage so different and sometimes more difficult than all our other relationships? Precisely those things that gives marriage the potential to be the richest and most rewarding relationship we can have! This lesson explores those elements of marriage that when embraced and built upon develop the fulfilling marriages we want!
  • Lesson 3: How to Love Your Spouse
    You probably already know many ways in which you can love your spouse, but this lesson teaches you the ways in which all men and women need to be loved. Understanding these needs will empower you to love your spouse in deeper, more meaningful ways which will increase your love for each other exponentially.
  • Lesson 4: Why Do You Do That?
    Do you find yourself asking your spouse this question regularly? Do you feel confused by their choices and ways of doing things? Do you try and try but you can’t seem to figure them out? This lesson unveils the mystery that is your truly amazing spouse. By coming to understand why they do what they do, you’ll find your love for them growing each day.
  • Lesson 5: Getting to Know Them (and Yourself)
    So often we think that because we live with someone we know all about them. This isn’t necessarily true. Chances are there are many things about your spouse (and even yourself) that are yet to be discovered. This lesson introduces you to some invaluable tools for getting to know many new things about your spouse that will surprise and delight you.
  • Lesson 1: The Lifeblood of Your Marriage
    What gives marriage the vibrant life and depth we want from it? What makes it come alive and enrich our lives in ways no other relationship can? This lesson will teach you all you need to know about the crucial lifeblood of your marriage and how to nurture it all your life.
  • Lesson 2: Did You Say Something?
    How often do we ask each other this question in our marriages? How often are we caught talking but not really communicating anything? It is essential to a Happy marriage that true understanding take place in our communication with each other. This lesson covers the essential components of open, honest and clear communication with our spouse which will enrich our relationship and build greater trust.
  • Lesson 3: How Do I Choose to Be Treated?
    Through our verbal and nonverbal communication, we are constantly telling others how we want them to treat us but often, when we don’t like how we are being treated, we blame others. Yet, is it really their fault if we put up with their bad treatment of us? How can we turn this dynamic around? How can we show others, especially our spouse, in kind and loving ways what it is we expect of them? This lesson will give you the tools to look inside yourself, clarify your desires and begin to be treated the way you really want to be.
  • Lesson 1: Seeing Eye to Eye
    Do you wish you and your spouse could see more eye to eye? Do you find yourselves at odds when attempting to make decisions together? This lesson takes you below those decisions to the core of unity. It will show you what is truly causing divisiveness in your marriage and how to heal it.
  • Lesson 2: Who Is in Charge?
    Marriage is a complex relationship with hundreds of responsibilities attached in order to truly make it work smoothly. Gaining clarity about who is in charge of these many duties is incredibly liberating for you and your spouse. This lesson will show you why this principle of “stewardship” in marriage is so critical and how to start living it.
  • Lesson 3: And They Were One
    The pinnacle of any relationship is to work together for a common purpose higher than either of you. Marriage offers you the unique opportunity to do that together for the rest of your lives. This lesson will teach you how to look more clearly at what you want as individuals and as a couple and use that information to find a mission that will bind you as one.
Kim Miner The scope and vision of Adore Your Spouse is unlike any marriage program out there. From the discussion of being willing vs. willful to building unity, AYS can help most any issue that an individual or couple might be facing. The foundation of principles, the use of readings and practical activities makes it interesting, applicable and life changing.

Next, you’ll engage in Readings and Activities specially designed to recharge your marriage and empower you to live what you learn!


Having studied for over a decade to discover the principles of happy marriages, we have found many life-changing readings along the way. We wanted you to have access to these amazing resources- the best of the best from experts in their fields teaching the principles you need to know in order to have a happier marriage- because we want you to learn directly from them. Although this 3 Steps Experience will bless your life without doing any of the reading, we hope you do some because the more you learn, the more empowered you will be to build the marriage that you want!


Writing activities: Writing about your thoughts, feelings and insights has been shown to be incredibly powerful source of personal insight, motivation and clarity. Add to that the exploration of compelling questions and the challenge of looking more closely at yourself and your marriage and you’ve got a guaranteed road to success. We PROMISE that as you complete the recommended writing activities, your perspective about your marriage will shift and you will begin to see things more truthfully, motivating you to act in more loving ways toward both your spouse and yourself.

Marriage activities: What good are principles and inspiring videos and empowering readings without actually knowing how to live what you’ve learned?! We’ve got you covered here too! Our Marriage Activities, included in every lesson, will bring the course material to life and make it easy to know how to apply all you’re learning to your marriage resulting in increased love, understanding and appreciation for each other.

Melissa Armstrong I am in love with your activities. It’s apparent to me that no matter how much knowledge I have, the magic is found in the applications.
And if that wasn't enough, you'll also get access to the following Amazing Bonuses

So, what would it be worth to you and your spouse if...

  • You found yourselves longing to spend more time together?
  • You always knew how to resolve disagreements peacefully?
  • Your romance was reignited?
  • You couldn’t wait for your next weekend get-away?
  • You had a newfound respect and admiration for each other?
Elwood & Wendy Porter

Wendy and I needed information to help us improve our marriage of 41 years.

Through these classes we’ve been introduced to books and marriage principles we’d never heard of and we’ve experienced the “high” of learning new concepts and principles.

We heartily recommend 3 Steps to a Happy Marriage to anyone who wishes to improve their marriage.

This is some of the best money we’ve ever spent!

Join 3 Steps TODAY

So here's all the great stuff you’ll get:

Unlimited Access to ALL 20 Video Lectures Packed With Invaluable Tools and Strategies to Improve Your Marriage!

Recommended Readings by World Renown Expert Accompanied by Life Changing Activities to Apply ALL You’ve Learned! 

Slide Decks and Audio Files for ALL Presentations So You Can Review the Material Again and Again and Make Your Marriage the HAPPIEST It’s Ever Been!!


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60-days Money back Guarantee

We have even more great news…

We want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the 3 Steps to a Happy Marriage Experience into action and get the happy marriage you deserve.

Because we KNOW this program WORKS, if you do the work we are giving you 30 DAYS to go through the program, complete the readings, implement the assignments, and see the difference in your marriage.

And if you’ll reach out to us within 30 days and show us that you’ve completed all the lessons, readings and activities (you’ll need to show us proof of course) and amazingly you STILL haven’t seen any progress, then we’ll be happy to return your money.

This way you know there’s no way you can lose– the 3 Steps Experience makes your marriage happier or you get your money back!


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Does my spouse need to engage in the program for it to benefit my marriage?

NO! This program has been designed such that one spouse can watch the lessons, do the readings, complete the activities and get involved on Facebook entirely without their spouse’s involvement and they will see MAJOR benefits to their marriage! This may sound impossible but it’s really true- you can have a massive impact on your marriage even if your spouse is not quite ready to participate yet.

The great news is: it’s very likely that as you make these positive changes in yourself and work on improving the marriage your spouse will notice the difference and begin making positive contributions to the relationship too.

Besides, what better way to show your spouse that you love them and want to be with them always than to get involved in this 3 Steps Marriage Program and strive to improve your relationship?

How long do I have access to the 3 Steps Marriage Experience?

FOREVER. Once you’ve purchased the program, it is yours to use for the rest of your life.

How long will the program take to complete?

That’s entirely up to you! This its an opportunity for you to get involved at the level you want and to gain as much as you desire from the program.

You could follow the one lesson per week schedule and you’d be done in 20 weeks. Or you can work on the troubled spots in your relationship while gaining the help and support you need through the Facebook group. Or you could work heavily on yourself through the “Love Yourself” section of the course.

This is YOUR experience, you make it exactly what you want it to be!

How difficult are the readings and activities?

Not difficult at all. The readings are mostly modern self-help books, with a few novels thrown in to help you see the principles in action. Several of the activities are journaling opportunities where you are writing about your feelings or answering certain questions that help you evaluate and gain clarity about your situation. The other activities usually consist of doing things for yourself or your spouse that need to be done (like expressing love) or that are fun to do (like planning a surprise date). ALL of the readings and activities have been designed to require the least amount of effort from you with the greatest positive impact on your marriage. And of course, you always have us and all the members of the Facebook group as a resource for help through any of the material!

How effective is the 3 Steps Course?

We are confident that this 3 Steps Course has the power to transform your marriage—not only because it includes the best of the best materials and resources currently available on marriage, not only because it is built on time-proven principles, not only because of all the interactive bonuses and on-going access to a support group, but especially because of what it has done for our marriage and the marriages of other couples. We have been able overcome our past marital difficulties and rebuild a marriage that will be a source of joy and fulfillment to us all our lives.

But remember, like everything in life, you’re going to get exactly out of this incredible opportunity only what you put into it. If you take forever to get through one lesson, if you complete the activities half-heartedly, if you’re unwilling to get on calls or seek help when you need it, then you won’t have the same valuable experience we have had.

ALL the information, tools, support and motivation are here, it’s up to you to take advantage of them and get the marriage you want!

What if I’m not married?

If you’re not married, this program will give you the tools to get way ahead of the game! As you learn all the components of a happy marriage, you will be empowered to prepare yourself for the marriage you want. The best part is, not only will the course help you know better what you are looking for in a spouse, but once you think you’ve found the one, you can get them involved in the course with you, enabling you to start your marriage off right!

What if I’m currently divorcing or am divorced?

Well, in that case, this program has a few things to offer you: This information can help save your marriage or if your spouse is determined to divorce and won’t consider engaging in this Marriage Experience with you, then this course will help you look back and learn from the divorce. It will also enable you to better move past the divorce. It will help you determine what you want in your next marriage, and it will empower you to have a happy marriage the next time around!

Tomena Reed So many of us spend large amounts of money every year investing in wardrobes, cars, vacations, doctor visits, dental work, education and so on but how often and how much do we invest in the most lasting and important relationship we have...our marriage? So often, we don't understand what we must know in order to make our marriages last such as how to enforce healthy boundaries, why we must meet our needs and our spouse's needs and how to meet them. The 3 Steps to Happy Marriage Course teaches all this and so much more! It is an incredible investment into the most important relationship you will ever have.

I want an amazing marriage! If you want an amazing marriage start by gaining the tools you need to make it happen. This course is so incredibly full of truth, it can change your life!
As a reminder, here's what you'll be getting...

So here's all the great stuff you’ll get:

Unlimited Access to ALL 20 Video Lectures Packed With Invaluable Tools and Strategies to Improve Your Marriage!

Recommended Readings by World Renown Expert Accompanied by Life Changing Activities to Apply ALL You’ve Learned! 

Slide Decks and Audio Files for ALL Presentations So You Can Review the Material Again and Again and Make Your Marriage the HAPPIEST It’s Ever Been!!


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How do I know if 3 Steps to a
Happy Marriage is RIGHT for me?

If any of the following statements resonates with you, this program is definitely RIGHT for you:

Marriage means a lot to you and you believe it can last a lifetime.

You meant it when you promised, “Til death do us part!” You were in it for the long haul. You intended to “have and hold” them always. But things aren’t turning out the way you thought they would. Something went wrong somewhere and you’re struggling to turn it around. Of course, you love your spouse, you know they’re a good person and you want the marriage to last but you’re frustrated and you’re running out of ideas. You just want to feel closer to your spouse, to be able to work with them better and to be happier in the marriage.

You’re the kind of person who knows that you have to put in some effort to get what you want.

You get it- you can’t have something for nothing. You know that there’s a cost for happiness and you’re willing to pay it. In order to have a happier marriage, you’re willing to watch the video lessons, read a few books and complete the activities. You understand deeply that the rewards come to those who put in the effort…so you want to do a little work, to get a HUGE lifelong BENEFIT!

You’re not a quitter!

You don’t give up easily; you’re tenacious. You don’t want to throw in the towel only to discover later on that there was more you could have done. You want to always know that you did everything you could. You believe that if you just knew how, you could have the things you want and you’re willing to learn how and keep trying.

You believe there’s more you could discover about yourself, your spouse and your marriage.

You haven’t fooled yourself into thinking that people can’t continue to grow or that there’s no more to your spouse or your marriage than you currently know. You realize that you can learn and discover new things all your life — including about your marriage. You can see that there are principles and concepts that could be negatively affecting your marriage, that you are probably ignorant of. You recognize that you know more about yourself now than you did 10 years ago and if that’s true, if you’re always growing and becoming, so can your marriage. You are excited by the idea that your marriage could also grow and improve throughout your life. And now, you WANT to begin that journey.

If this sounds like you, then this program is a PERFECT FIT FOR YOU!

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you...


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Blaine and Audrey explain really well that each of the 12 principles in this course build on each other and lay the foundation for the next principle. I have found that as I patiently learn to love myself, my love for my wife flows more and more freely. I have found that the principles of a happy marriage get easier and easier to live as time goes by. Be patient because mastering these principles will transform your marriage beyond what you thought possible.