Does Dating Your Spouse Really Matter?

It’s so easy to take this advice lightly. It just doesn’t seem like it matters very much whether or not we go on dates with our spouse. After all, we hug and kiss and see each other all the time, so why do we need to go on a date? Well, this video answers that question!

Dating is so much more than going to dinner – it’s time. Time to together making memories away from the hassles of daily life. It’s time to talk, to hold each other, to listen, to play and to just be yourselves. Life rushes by so quickly and if you don’t MAKE THE TIME for your relationship, it will slowly erode. Marriages need regular nurturing, just like everything else worthwhile in life. Dating regularly provides this essential nourishment.

Going on a date is also a fantastic way for your spouse to see the best you! You’re all dressed up, you’re relaxed, you’re having fun and laughing – all the things that are really attractive to your spouse. Increasing the attraction also helps the woman have her need for affection met and the man gets his need for intimacy met also. It’s just win-win all the way around! 🙂


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