Marriage can be incredibly hard. We know, WE ALMOST LOST OURS.

But after 15 years of study, research and practice we’ve found
permanent solutions.

Blaine RIndlisbacher, MFT
& wife Audrey


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Most of us never learned what makes a marriage last. We give you the education you need!

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Blaine's research uncovered 12 Principles that, when applied, create fulfilling marriages - every time!

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    Marriages never improve by waiting. In fact, when couples don't seek the help they need, things always get worse.

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    Our methods have proven, time after time, that it only takes one spouse to begin improving a marriage.

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With Cutting Edge ToolsWe Are Saving Marriages

“I was feeling lonely and misunderstood. Joe was feeling frustrated and helpless. I knew our marriage needed so much more than good communication. We both wanted a wonderful marriage but we didn’t know how to create it. With Blaine's help a light switch was turned on! Finally we have the knowledge and tools to create that wonderful marriage! Not only has our marriage improved, its continuing to spiral up and up!”Joe and Brenna K.

"I did the assignment and I only had positive thoughts about my wife this week and it was freeing. By holding on to negative thoughts, I couldn’t forgive her. I now feel lighter." "You helped save our marriage. Thank you!"Joel W.
“I can’t believe how I feel! My husband has been transformed! I have the man back that I married! Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe how your coaching has changed my life!” Brandi S.

“We didn’t know if coaching would be worth it but can honestly say that this is some of the best money we’ve ever spent!” Elwood & Wendy P.
"I have recommended your program to many people over the past year, and one person just today! What you have put together is marvelous and wonderful. I am so grateful that you shared your program with us. My husband has it on his play list and he still listens to it and comments about it to me. It has been a blessing to our marriage. Thank you. Thank you. The work you are doing is so important!Marie A.

“I am excited to look into values. I think that is a big issue for us and one that is not necessarily 'right' or 'wrong.' I was just having a tricky time pinpointing it. I am thrilled to learn that we can find some more answers to becoming unified."Erica B.

Discover Permanent SolutionsLearn The 12 Principles

  • Put Your Marriage First

    When you truly value something, you make sure to spend time and energy on it. Your marriage is no different...

  • Ensure Individual Needs Are Met

    Most of us want what we don’t need and fail to want what we do need. But our needs remain whether we fulfill them or ignore them...

  • Regularly Forgive and Repent

    Whenever there is trouble in your marriage, resentments tend to build. As they do, they become poisonous to the relationship, destroying the love and goodness in your marriage...

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