Is Your Spouse Your Best Friend?

If your spouse isn’t your best friend- they should be! Not only is it nice to enjoy their company and do things together, it’s critical that you do!

Think about the importance of your friendship with each other: if you don’t like to do the things your spouse likes to do and you refuse to do those things with them, what choice do they have? They’ll go do those things with someone else. Then, rather than spending time bonding with and getting closer to you, they’re constantly forced into a position of spending time with someone else. And the time you’ve lost getting to know your spouse and watching them do the thing they love to do is lost forever.

On the other hand, if you decided to go along just because you love them, not necessarily because you love what they plan on doing, you win in a few big ways:

  1. Rather than getting close to someone else, they’re getting closer to you.
  2. You may learn to like what they like to do and then you’ll want to do more of it in the future.
  3. Spending that time with your spouse, watching them do what they love, will teach you a lot about them and afford you many opportunities to enjoy and appreciate them more.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY- you send them the message that it doesn’t matter what they want to do, you want love them and want to be with them. What more valuable message could you send? They’ll love you even more for it too!

So, watch this video and learn the ways that men and women build friendships differently and then make your friendship with your spouse your #1 priority. Your friendship will be deepened and enhanced and they’ll feel more loved and so will you!


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