Little Things Make a Big Difference

Sometimes we create the biggest change through the smallest act. Think of the times when a friend’s smile brightened your day or when someone paused a moment to hold the door open for you or when a family member dropped by just to talk. So often we think of fixing our marriages as such an overwhelming task but, as you’ll see in this video, sometimes one small positive change can create a chain reaction to big awesome changes!

That’s what happened to Richard Paul Evans. When his marriage seemed irreparable, he made one simple change and within just a few days, he and his wife were connecting again and recommitted to working on their relationship.

Remember that doing the “little things”- small courtesies, saying thank you, reaching over for a kiss good-bye- may seem hard in the moment when you don’t feel like doing them but they show your spouse that you care, that you’re thinking of them and that they really matter to you. 

TRY IT! You may be shocked at the results!

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